2014 Luau Auction Items

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"Origins III", Hand Shaped and Painted Alaia Surfboard by Wade Koniakowsky and Chris Mahoney

"Origins III" (part of a series of similar themed paintings on Alaias) celebrates the Hawaiian origins of surfing. 6'10" x 17.5" mixed media piece including fold, copper and variegated metal leaf, resin, charcoal, India ink, acrylic paint, block prints, and rice paper transfers.

Heather Brown Original Event Artwork

"La Jolla Sunset" is a new published original piece of art by Hawaiian artist Heather Brown. Taken from the perspective of the cliffs above Blacks beach and looking back towards La Jolla after an evening surf "La Jolla Sunset" was produced as the event artwork for the annual UCSD Moores Cancer Center Luau and Legends of Surfing Invitational. 

Hank Warner Custom Surfboard

9'2" modernized throw-back longboard with original 2014 event artwork from Heather Brown.

"Gentlemen, Start your Engines" by Norm Daniels and Mike Rumsey

Custom handmade, hollow wooden surfboard designed, shaped and built by Mike Rumsey. Surfboard has original Acrylic painting by Norm Daniels named, "Gentlemen, Started your Engines".

Rusty Custom Surfboard with GoPro

9'2" Rusty Noserider Longboard ridden by the legends with a GoPro attached to the nose to film it all!

Robert August Surf Company "1963 Endless Summer Replica Model" Longboard

10' Solid white opaque 3/4" center stringer with 10" glass-on D fin, layered wood tail block. Robert August and Bruce Brown signatures under gloss.

"Cal Gun" by Mike Rumsey

Custom handmade, hollow wooden surfboard designed, shaped, and built by Mike Rumsey. This hollow wood surfboard built on a frame - similar to the inside frame of an airplane wing. It is strip-built with pine, cedar, redwood, poplar, and wenge. The decorative details are five dolphins in motion across the deck of the board. The fins were laid-up at the same time to match the board. 

Custom Surfboard by Matt Calvani of Bing Surfboards

Matt Calvani is a next generation shaper schooled in the craft of surfboard making by some of the industry’s most respected pioneers.  Raised in the South Bay, Matt shaped for Hap Jacobs, Dennis Jarvis of Spyder, Phil Becker, Lance Carson, Rick Surfboards, Bing Copeland and Gene Cooper.  Over time, Matt’s reputation and relationships paved the way for Matt to inherit Bing Surfboards as well as Jacobs Surfboards.  Matt continues to shape exclusively for Bing, Jacobs and Rick Surfboards today.  In 2013, Matt Calvani won the Icons of Foam Shape Off Tribute to Terry Martin presented by US Blanks.  An Encinitas resident, Matt and Bing Surfboards have generously donated this classic 9’7” pintail longboard, made for drawing long smooth graceful lines.  Designed in conjunction with Dick Brewer, the Bing Pipeliner is a classic medium to large-wave longboard that introduced functional design to large-wave surfing with its 3/16 ” cedar center stringer and two offset blue high-density foam t-band stringers , volan glass for strength, gloss/polish finish and fiberglass transparent blue fin.

Walden Custom Surfboard

Walden Surfboard 9' "Magic Model" hand-shaped and signed by Steve Walden with a full color photo inlay featuring photos from the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center. 

Scorpion Bay Vacation Package

Accommodations for 4 nights with 12 people at Scorpion Bay Hotel, a safe and secure place in a beautiful, green setting located in San Juanico, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Enjoy ceviche and drinks upon arrival and breakfast each morning. Use of the surfboards available and and backyard of endless waves.

Renny Yater Custom Surfboard

9'8" 5-stringer Spoon with cedar and bass wood nose and tail blocks. This board also has a classic vinylester resin.  This board was donated to the Luau and Legends of Surfing Invitational by Cymer, Inc. 

"Two Watch" by Nicole Boramanand, Beachradish Images

36" x 24" signed, limited edition canvas Giclee print of original impressionist photograph. 


Windigo Surfboard

"Jackie Robinson" model shortboard.

Greg Gorgas Original Artwork